Joachim Eijlander


zondag 6 januari
Radio 4 live Spiegelzaal
Concertgebouw and radio 4

Solomiya Ivakhiv-violin 

Joachim Eijlander-cello 


Kodaly duo 

zondag 6 januari
Concert Solomiya Ivakhiv and Joachim Eijlander
Brandweerkazerne, paradijslaan Eindhoven

Music by Bach, Ysaye and the famous duo by Zoltan Kodaly

Solomiya Ivakhiv violin

Joachim Eijlander cello

zaterdag 19 januari
Bach and sequentia, cello&organ
Arminiuskerk, Rotterdam

Aart Bergwerff organ

Joachim Eijlander cello

Music by Bach (1685-1750), dall'Abaco (1710-1805), Hellendaal (1721-1799) Piatti (1822 -1901) Pärt (1935)

zondag 27 januari
All begins with Bach
Merel Vercammen violin
Merlijn Kerkhof speaker
Joachim Eijlander cello
zaterdag 2 februari
Bach cello suites
Hillegondakerk Rotterdam

Welcome at the Saturday afternoon series with suites 2&5 by Bach plus solocaprices by Alfredo Piatti and Joseph dall'Abaco.

Antipasti and wine afterwards!

donderdag 7 februari
Innovation cafe with radiologist Frank Pameijer and Joachim Eijlander
Brandweer kazerne, paradijslaan Eindhoven

Joachims cello, a 1750 Italian cello, was scanned in a CTscanner and today, radiologist Frank Pameijer (Utrecht Medisch Centrum, professor at Utrecht University) and Joachim will present/combine their results and ideas on how art and science can meet and inspire eachother with words, images, expertise and video-art. And of course with cellomusic itself!

vrijdag 8 februari
All begins with Bach
Music Sacrum Arnhem

Merel Vercammen violin

Merlijn Kerkhof speaker

Joachim Eijlander cello 

zondag 17 februari
Winterswijk cello&violin duo

More info soon

Merel Vercammen violin 

Joachim Eijlander cello 

dinsdag 19 maart
Brahms double concerto
Kiev, Lysenko Collonaded hall

Solomiya Ivakhiv, violin

Joachim Eijlander, cello

Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra 

Volodymyr Sirenko, conductor